February 15, 2012

Definitely sick

My husband went on a business trip to Portland and came back with a bug which is now taking a ride in my sinuses and respiratory system.  He isn't fully recovered yet, but he's mostly just congested.  I think I'm hitting the peak of the cold (or perhaps it's the drowsy effects of the NyQuil I took at 3 AM).  So far I don't think infection is setting in, and I'm hoping to just ride it out with OTC meds, tissues, and split pea soup.

Note to self:  When fully recovered, go through major cull of cold meds - have experienced devastating excitement over discovering expired cold meds too many times.

I discovered 4 packs of tomato plants at Home Depot Saturday to round out the tomato seeds I bought from Burpee's, and due to the cold, I haven't been able to bump them up to 1-gallon pots. Les sigh-cough-hack.

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