December 16, 2010

Rebar and Wine Bottle Hose Guide

Ok, I have another gardening tip that's a play on a couple things I've seen in the garden.

Running over plants with a heavy, water-filled hose is not what plants like best.  What plants like best is a hose guide, and there are a huge variety of them.  One very simple and inexpensive one is a wine bottle.

  1. Plot where your hose needs to travel to reach all your plants (and potentially paved surfaces and cars).
  2. Pound a piece of rebar into the ground with a rubber mallet at each change of direction.
  3. Place a wine bottle over the rebar.

You can use 1-2' long pieces of rebar which are very inexpensive especially compared to fancy clay sculptures.  It will also last longer than the clay guides as well.  I've seen the same idea with clay pots, but clay pots are a bit more fragile and add expense to the project.  Think of this as a bottle bulb (not a bottle tree) with a function.

I have more tips and tricks that I posted in my most recent Instructable, Create a Holistic Garden Plus 16 Gardening Tips.  There are also loads of photos if you want to ignore the words.


  1. What a great idea.... now, if I could just think of a way to get a wine bottle or two....

  2. Excellent idea!! In fact I was just cursing my hose yesterday - we have a love/hate relationship. I've got hose guides but not enough of them and one has already broken...I'm getting ready to open a bottle of wine right now!

  3. Great and creative idea, love it.


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