December 13, 2010

Cactus Monday: Garden Tip for Succulent Propagation

I know, I know, garden bloggers hate gardening tips, but I have a good one that I haven't come across.  Of course, that doesn't mean other people don't already do it...  Anyway, to keep succulent cuttings (e.g., a graptopetalum leaf) from rolling around in the landscape or in a pot, fence them in with toothpicks!

Just place the leaf where you'd like it and stab a few toothpicks against it to prevent it from rolling or moving.  Once the new plant is nicely rooted, just throw the toothpicks in the compost pile.

Oh, and the plant in the pictures are Graptopetalum paraguayense (Ghost Plant) which I purchased recently.  I need to find the perfect pot for the mother plant because they're terrible to transfer to a different one without creating a hundred more plants and making the original look quite bare.  I think I'll put it in a black bonsai pot so that the plant looks even more pale.  Perhaps a white stone mulch?  Thoughts?

Happy Cactus Monday!

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  1. That is absolutely the greatest tip I have seen in a long time!! Please show us the progress of these.


  2. Wow what a great idea! Never even thought of it myself. Duh! They can be hard to water till they root because they move around. Thank you! And I think your idea is super. A dark pot will bring out the white frost on this beauty. And the white gravel (or white sand) over the dirt will look super!

  3. That is a great tip and one that I will be trying myself! Mine always roll around in the pot when I go to give them a little water and it's really irritating! HCM

  4. Hey, I love gardening tips. Who knows it all anyways? Bet the black pot will be stunning with your ghost plant. Have any black gravel?

  5. I just recently picked up a few of the Ghost Plants and found a small 3x5-ish size Bonsai pot (Dark Navy - it appears near Black unless in direct sunlight) to place about 5 small stems into. I have to say I love the color contrast of the pale plant against the dark pot.

    I'd even consider finding some black glass stones to top the soil off with to further add to the affect.


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