December 6, 2010

Cactus Monday: Texas-Style Christmas

I've been working to get my Christmas decorations up.  The lights are up outside for the first time ever!  Now we can see where there's need for more lights and can plan accordingly.  The tree is up, and while sorting through the ornaments, I came across a broken one where Santa had fallen off his train:

I like it so much that I might keep it as is and let it rest on an old weathered frame in front of the fireplace.  It's kinda funny and sad which makes it adorable.

I also put a bit of garland and a few red glass ornaments on the metal skull hanging on the fireplace.  Festive and morbid!  What a delightful combination!

When I was in Tennessee, I managed to pick up a couple very small poinsettias at a Home Depot there.  They were just sooo cute in their 2.5" pots, and I'm glad I got them!  The Home Depot here doesn't have anything so small.  I managed to fit them into a large glass candle holder where they'll be safe from the cats and the dry air.

One of my friends got me a red holiday cactus for my birthday after hearing that I adore them and was on the hunt for a red one.  It was in the plastic bag a little too long, so some of the blooms are a bit screwy.  Fortunately, there are more buds, so hopefully I may get to enjoy some more blooms.

My "Beach Dancer" holiday cactus is a little worse for wear after a neglectful summer in the backyard.  One of the branches broke and is in recovery right now.  Despite the neglect, I'm VERY impressed that it's sending out blooms.  What a trooper!

And here's another pic of my latest holiday cactus hanging pretty by my bedroom window:

Happy Cactus Monday, y'all!!

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  1. Gotta love a rustic Christmas in Texas, right?!? The bulbs and garland on the skull are the perfect touch! Merry Christmas!

  2. I agree with The Whimsical Gardner - a little rough and rustic but still beautiful for a Texas Christmas.

  3. Georgia O'Keeffe would love it! I;ve done Christmas in Florida and in the Bahamas, but not yet in Texas, so keep those photos coming. I need some of your deep south inspiration.

  4. Love those cactus, they are so beautiful. Also love the other decorations.


  5. Love the Christmas Cacti! I brought home a red one myself tonight from HEB! I've got a fuschia colored one, but she refuses to bloom until Christmas is here and gone.

  6. I sure LOVE how you think! Your Christmas decor is great...especially the way you describe it! LOL. The skull particularly! Youv'e got a good collection of Christmas Cactus going there! None of my buds have opened yet, but will post when they do! You had me laughin with the comment you left on my blog, about all the places you love to peruse...I too, am a Lowes/Home Depot, and Pharmacy junkie, but costume shops...not yet anyway...but somehow I can see you having a ball in one with your love of shoe decorating. You have such a fun and inventive mind...I just love following your every move on see what you will come up with's all brilliant, I'll tell you that much! :)

  7. Fabulous photos, I love your decorations and all the plants. Very neat looking. Hope you had a nice Cactus Monday.

  8. They look so beautiful! Would you believe out of all my succulents I do not have one Christmas cactus! I think I will get some!


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