June 13, 2009

Red and White Themed Top Hat

With summer, there's nothing more to do except keep watering and head indoors. I've been busy accessorizing my outfits for my "wedding" weekend which includes a Friday BBQ, Ceremony/Reception, and Sunday Brunch. I'm wearing Betsey Johnson dresses for the weekend events, and I've decided to start making some top hats for the dresses. One is a full-sized top hat, and two are mini. I'm going for some odd mix of whimsy and Audrey Hepburn and early Madonna and June Cleaver. Hard to visualize, right? My mother and sister are a bit scared but so far they've liked what I've picked out once they saw it. Over the past 3 days, I've been working on the top hats, and I've finished 2. I just posted one on DeviantArt.

From the submission:
This is a red and white themed top hat that I made to go with a Betsey Johnson dress (a red and white gingham tea dress) for the Kentucky Derby or a fancy BBQ. It took 3 days with a total of 11 working hours, and it probably weighs in at 4 lbs. I designed it to be worn forward on the head and tilted to the left. The bandanna printed ribbon is for extra security and should be worn just behind the ears and to the back of the head. Hair must be worn in a very low bun or piled on top of the head and inside the hat. There are 5 types of ribbon and finishing material, 2 types of silk flowers, 2 types of tulle, 4 types of buttons, 3 papermache ladybugs, and lots of white felt. I was inspired largely by the dress and the eclectic style of Tarina Tarantino. Not pictured are clips with feathers that can be added for extra pizazz/gaudiness depending on how you see it.
It started off as a cheap 4th of July poster board top hat. I'm pleased with it. I also made a necklace, and I have a pair of red and white patent leather heels.


  1. Woh, that's a crazy/awesome hat!

  2. RH~~ You'll be the talk of the town!!

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  4. Now I know what's keeping you from posting ;-) Those red hats are stunning. Enjoy the wedding!

  5. Thanks, y'all! In all of this, I realized I should have added some crinoline rather than more tulle. BAH!

    I'll be posting more stuff I've been making as I finish. I'm off to the craft store. Yet again.

  6. That is a perfect compliment for a Betsy Johnson dress (one of my favorite designers) and vice versa - wonderful work!

  7. YAY!

    Melanie - I'm so glad you "get it"! Betsey is one of my faves too.


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