February 15, 2012

Tomato Trellis Idea

I recently noticed a fabulous trellis over at Kiss of Sun:

And I think it would work wonderfully for what I want to do with tomatoes this year.  I'm going to modify the design slightly, but I love the general structure.  I'm going to sink electrical conduit pipe into the ground and create an arch out of smaller pipe.  From there, I'll hang hogwire for supporting the vines.  This should solve a lot of concerns I've had with other designs and remain inexpensive enough as far as permanent vegetable garden structures go.


  1. I did exactly the same thing in my garden one year with reinforcing mesh and rebar. Using found construction materials always is creative and cheap way to add functional ornament.

  2. It is better with cucurbits than tomatoes, as the latter are more determinate than the vines, i think, LOL. But when the fruits are already hanging under, whatever that is will be lovely.

  3. I really like this. I saw something like this made out of 1/2 inch rebar. Great ideal.


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