March 29, 2011

Collard Harvest

Back in October-ish last year, I planted a couple Georgia Collards, and WOW!  They have taken off.  I harvested a head and my neighbor's lovely granddaughter posed with the massive leafy goodness.

I've been crazy busy repotting lots of stuff, getting plants in the ground, propagating, etc.  The yard is absolutely terrifying with all the pots right now.  It's pretty gross outside right now or else I'd take a picture.  Or maybe not...  It really doesn't look good.

I will be presenting my tutorial for making a pot lifter at The Garden Club of Austin's monthly club meeting this Thursday (March 31).  I have to reacquaint myself with a Blake's hitch today and get materials prepped.  I managed to fit the tutorial on a half-page of paper to pass out, which is pretty good for now.  Just gotta get the rest sorted which shouldn't be that bad.

The new computer is finally set, and it hasn't been acting up like it was although I probably wouldn't have noticed too much since I've been outside nearly every day for over a month now.  Lots of stuff to update on.


  1. What a great collard! Maybe you should name it Audrey?

  2. Now that is a huge collard! Never tried growing it before. Great photo too.

  3. That is one happy collard! I have much soil improvement to do before I get any produce as healthy and beautiful as yours. Got so much done when the weather was nice but now this patch of 50 degree days has definitely slowed me down. Hope your presentation goes well. I am anxious to see how it operates.

  4. Fantastic collards there, girl!!! They are too purdy!!! Sounds like you have been busy. Looking forward to your yard shots when you get everything as you like it!

  5. Collards with a big smile! The best kind.

  6. Wow that collard is sooo big! The leaves are so green and pretty. Did you eat it and how did you cook it? My yard is full of pots and plants too, kind of crazy. And the weather has been pretty weird too. But getting there little by little. Can't wait to see your shots!


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