April 15, 2011

Gator Grabber Review

Back in January, I purchased a Gator Grabber produced by Radius, and while I was a bit hesitant about buying them when I did, I'm VERY glad I bought them anyway.  They're awesome!

I'd left a lot of litter on the ground until February, and using a rake, wheelbarrow, and the Gator Grabber, I got the job done quickly without backaches and tiny spider bites up and down my arms.  The poles extend for a good workable height.  They work extremely well in maintaining an upright position.  They can grab up a lot of leaves all at once!

I managed to convince my neighbor to try them out while I was cleaning up the front, and she guffawed like I was trying to make her do my work.  However, she did try them and agreed with me.  A few days later her son-in-law came by while I was cleaning the yard, and she and I convinced him to try them out despite a bit of "Tom Sawyer trying to get me to paint the fence" hesitations.  He agreed!  And the best part is that they both liked it so much they picked up the pile I'd raked.

My only complaint about this tool is with storage because it's bulky and awkward, but it really is fun to use and makes raking leaves/debris less of a dreaded chore.

(I'm not being paid to write this review.  I have not been contacted to write one.  I just think this is a very useful tool to add to the gardening arsenal.)


  1. Interesting. Am not familiar with the tool, but always interstesd in anything that makes leaf clean-up easier.

  2. That is pretty interesting. It looks like it would be a big help.


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