April 20, 2010

Super Camouflaged Spider

I almost missed this yesterday:

Can't see it?

It's a white-bodied spider with green legs sitting on a blackberry blossom.  Stunning!

Also, I'll have to explain what I've been up to for the past month.  Let me just say that it involved 10 cubic yards of decomposed granite...


  1. 10 yards that is a lot of work spreading all that out! Your crab spider in cute, we get a lot of them here in late summer.

  2. No way would I have seen that spider!!! Those blooms are outstandingly beautiful!!!
    Have missed seeing you around here the past few months...glad you are ok (I hope)!
    Waiting to hear about your granite adventure!!!

  3. Randy - You ain't kiddin'! We still have a bit, but it'll soon get used.

    Julie - Thanks! I always wish blackberry blooms were fragrant because they look like they should be.


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