April 22, 2010

New Blue Pot Planting

Last year I got two beautiful tall blue pots to anchor the side of my garage, and a couple weeks ago, I switched out the plants.

I have 2 double petunias, 3 golden coleus, a grass (bah, lost the name), and 3 sweet potato vines that I'm starting from cuttings.  Petunias and coleus are treats for me following winter.  Plus they give me something to pinch and prod.  I love pinching plants back and deadheading. 

(I'm starting back slow after being gone so long.  Trying to sort out all the pictures.  The project isn't completely done yet.  Booooo.)


  1. It's beautiful! I love your combo of colors, heights, and textures.

  2. Good choices for beautiful pots!!!


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