February 26, 2010

Sceliphron Nest

As far as wasps go, I like mud daubers because they're generally not aggressive or angry, and they build interesting nests.  Here's hoping they eat some pesky pests in my garden.


  1. I'm with you. I'm a mud dauber fan too. Although sometimes I could do without their nests in weird places.

  2. That photo is great! I welcome wasps, but I'm not too happy when they build their nests on my porch. They are unpredictable fliers.

  3. Are you aware that a nest marauder has been busy at the mud dauber's nest? Last fall I watched as a mud dauber made a multiple condo by our back door. i was fascinated by a small wasp that was ever present, hovering as the dauber was daubing. He drilled a neat hole in the mud wall and laid his egg in there. All ready to eat the larva when it hatched. Such goings on.


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