August 25, 2009

Security Door-to-Door Salespeople

Tonight we got another salesperson at the door wanting to sell us a security system under the guise that it would be free if we put up a sign in our yard. We've had a few of these "salespeople" and had already looked up the scam via internets.

My old man is the one to answer the door, and the conversation went something like this:

Scammer: Hi, I'm going around the neighborhood offering a free home security system, and all you have to do is put a sign of our company in your front yard.

Old Man: I really don't like to advertise my security system in the front yard.

Scammer: Well, the sign won't affect the security of your home.

Old Man: I really don't like to talk about security systems with complete strangers. Bye.


  1. I can't stand these scammers. It's amazing how they've managed to hit almost every house in the country.

  2. It's a very disturbing trend. Fortunately, many communities and neighborhoods are talking about it and warning people.

  3. Ha. Lovely conversation. I enjoy speaking in French to phone salespersons. Or I did before I got on the do not call list a year ago. "Hello, is Benjamin there?" Ah, je ne sais quoi." "Excuse me?" "Je suis desole. Parlez vous francais?" "Ummmm..." click.


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