November 1, 2010

Overwintering Coleus Update

Last year, I tried overwintering coleus in a terrarium setup, and it failed.  I might have set it up incorrectly, so there still might be hope for it.  However, this year I took cuttings just before all my plants went to bloom, and I'm growing them out slightly for overwintering in the garage.  They'll get treated like the rest of my houseplants and will hopefully survive my "care".


  1. I like your idea. Some of mine got flooded during some crazy storm and I took cuttings which I now have in little pots. I cut back some others from another pot and think I have about 32 cuttings rooting on the front porch that I'll put in dirt once they get some roots. I'm hoping to winter them in the new little greenhouse that I'll blog about later tonight. I thought I'd try it and have them ready for the front tree without spending a penny! We'll have to compare notes in the Spring...I'm very curious to see how this will work!

  2. It's so wonderful how you people in the temperate zones can do tricks to maintain your tropical plants! Imagine trying to save them in so minute samples like these, while here in the tropics we try to cut and prune them often to desired shapes. The cuttings we just dump to rot. They grow unabashedly here, that we somehow don't take care of them anymore, they will just grow unattended.


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