August 29, 2009

MIO Composter on Sale at

A couple days ago I noticed that Target was having a sale on the MIO Composter ($25 down from $100). The ratings don't look so good, but it's because a lot of people didn't know it was for worm composting (vermicomposting). I've never tried worm composting, but it's hard to not hear about it. It seems like it's everywhere and people are raving over it. So I ordered 2. Plus if you log into your Chase Freedom Rewards account, you can get 5 bonus points for every dollar you spend at

I was shocked to see them outside today! They shipped extraordinarily fast. I'm also very impressed by the modest amount of packaging. 1 cardboard shipping box, 1 bag, 1 piece of twine to secure the trays and lid together, and instructions/label. Very impressed. They're actually bigger than I thought they would be. The parts are also stamped with a recycling code, so when they eventually break, which I hope won't be for a while but you never know in this house, they can be recycled.

Now I have to order/find some worms and off I go!


  1. When we first tried worm composting with a group of third graders, we made a mistake and overestimated the amount of scraps to feed the worms and the scraps began to rot. Be careful in making this assessment especially when starting!

    Good luck - [ Jeff ]

  2. Thanks for sharing. Love to see how vermicomposting works in your garden.

  3. Lucky you and I think they look good. Happy vermicomposting--such a fun thing to say.


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