August 16, 2010

Cactus Monday: Jatropha cathartica

Jatropha cathartica is in the euphorbia family and is a caudiciform.  I started growing mine in a bonsai pot after my first attempt (a juniper) died horribly.  It's funny because I just now bothered looking up what it was exactly and noticed that it looked somewhat similar to my Buddha Belly Plant in some ways, especially the flowers.  Well, duh!  They're both jatrophas, but the cathartica is MUCH MUCH smaller than the podagrica (Buddha Belly Plant).  Both are lovely plants and overwinter nicely in the garage.  Huzzah for that!


  1. While the stem or branches stoop low and bend, the stalk shoot up straight into the air crowning a beautiful set of flowers. ~bangchik

  2. love that fat caudex!!! What a neat Jatropha!!!
    Happy Ccatus Monday, late! It is already 2:30am here on Tuesday morning! Have a great week!


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