November 22, 2009

Picture This! Photo Contest Submission

New Beginnings at the End of the Line

With trunks removed and branches bear
Axes chopped the autumn air.
With shouts and whoops we felled the tree.
There is still hope for fruit and bee.

There was no room for us to spare

With potted plums and a pear.
With little room to disagree
Axes happily belong to me.

I'm not a poet so I hope the above poem doesn't work against me. Recently, we've felled more trees because oaks tend to not do well when planted 3' apart from each other. A whole line of them had to go due to poor placement. In their place, we will be planting fruit trees at an appropriate distance from each other. In the meantime, we've been chopping up the trunks for firewood and smoking, and maybe by the time it actually gets cold here, the wood will be seasoned enough to burn. The photo I'm submitting is a log split on top of a felled tree stump. I'm quite fond of the rust and copper tones in the photo from the bark and the axe. Rust and copper always remind me of autumn, and there's nothing like a good fire on a cold day while dreaming of all the things to do with newly reclaimed soil and light.

And here's my comedy submission:


  1. Seems perfectly apropos to me. I think your photo is ingenious. Good luck to you.

  2. Great photo. Love the comedy as well.

  3. Thank you, ladies!! I've been really struggling to finalize a selection, so it's good to hear some reassurance.

  4. those are both great photos!!! and the poem is cute!

  5. Hi, ARH, thanks for the fave. I love this post, and the poem. I love the way things change - if trees are in the wrong spot or not the kind you want, out with the old and in with the new!!!!!!Cheers, catmint

  6. Awwwww, y'all are too kind!!! I'm totally gushing.


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