November 23, 2009

How to Pick Posts on Blotanical

Recently, I've noticed that some people are a little confused on how to use Blotanical, and I must admit that when I first joined, I was a bit confused because there's so much to see with lots of tools and features and it's very consolidated. When I was doing a test run for this video, I came across the PING option which I hadn't discovered before, so I'm still learning as well. I'm a very audio-visual learner, so I thought a video might be helpful.

This video is just on how to pick a post:

I did not go through all the options on finding a post to pick because I wanted to keep the video to a manageable size that was still easy to view. Clicking on any of the links will bring up different blog posts to view and explore, so you can click through any of them to discover which ones you enjoy and would like to pick. It's also great to check out blog posts because it's one way of discovering bloggers and blogs you haven't heard about and learning new and exciting things.

I would like to give credit to CamStudio which is the program I used for making this video.

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