April 5, 2009

Compost is full of surprises...

Near my compost pile, I've been finding all sorts of random plants sprouting up.

Here's a random melon plant of some sort:

Here's a random tomato:
The tomatoes are probably the easiest to identify because of their leaves, fuzzy stems, and distinctive scent. Here's one I found and potted up:

I've actually given about 8 of these random tomato plants to my neighbor, and I have another one potted up in addition to the above. How odd.


  1. That's funny because every year I find tomatoes growing all over the garden, I think when some of them fall off from the previous year they reseed themselves.

  2. One year we accidentally had a 1/2 acre of volunteer pumpkins. Haven't grown them since. It is always fun to see what will show up uninvited.

  3. I wonder what I will find this year. Freebie plants are always a treat.

  4. I grew up with home grown tomatoes on the table most every lunch and supper. Delicious.

  5. I love the volunteers too. Sometimes you end up with some really neat ones. I'm always surprised how easily tomatoes volunteer.

  6. Can't beat free plants! I've had tomato seeds from the compost do the same thing.

  7. Tomatoes are some of the most resilient seeds around. I think they now treat sewerage for this as there used to be tomato plants growing all through the sewerage system (having been all through our system - so to speak).

    Sorry to lower the tone!


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