April 6, 2009

The Poblano Phoenix Rises from the Ashes

We had a mild winter here in Central Texas, and early in the winter season, I decided to leave the jalapeno and poblano plants to see what would happen. The jalapeno still has leaves and a green stem even though it looks kinda straggly. The poblano I thought for sure was a goner. It dropped all its leaves and the stem turned brown/gray. But BEHOLD! IT RISES AGAIN!


  1. It's a great feeling when something you planted survived the weather.

  2. Isn't this amazing? I have several plants that look totally dead, and I am just about ready to toss them...when all of a sudden, some green appears! I love your analogy of the Phoenix rising from the ashes;-)

    I forgot to mention that I also have a degree in Psychology...and am interested in Women's Studies--but my Master's is in Counseling.
    Anyway...your chosen field of study is really interesting.


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