April 4, 2009

Kangaroo Fern Propagation

At the Zilker Botanical Garden Festival a few days ago, I got some cuttings of Kangaroo Fern and potted them up.
I bent coated paperclips into a U-shape to hold the rhizomes down and make soil contact. The soil is about 1 part sphagnum moss to 1 part potting soil.

I gave one pot to a neighbor so hopefully if mine dies, hers will live.


  1. hope the fern will be ok ... I suppose kangaroo fern is a massive type by the look of its leaf .. cheers! ~ bangchik

  2. I've never heard of Kangaroo fern before,I hope it takes and doesn't go hopping off (sorry !!) seriously ! I will have to google it and have a look at it fully grown.
    maureen :)

  3. Good choice! The fern looks very tropical. Hope that it will grow well in your garden :-)

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    The Kangaroo Fern is a pretty fun fern. It has large glossy philodendron type leaves and black stems and furry black rhizomes. The rhizomes will hang over the lip of the pot once it starts outgrowing it, and it's supposed to be a relatively easy fern to grow. Water it twice a week, fertilize with fish emulsion once a month, and give it enough light. If these take off, then I'll be leaving them in the garden for the summer and move them in when it gets cold.... in December.

  5. Picked one up yesterday...looks like it's going to be fun growing this plant...i think i will name it, "Legs"

  6. These Kangaroo ferns are very hard to find in the nurseries in Texas where I live, but if you ever are lucky enough to find any, they are very hardy and easy to grow and make gorgeous hanging baskets. I have two that we were able to buy last year, put in the greenhouse during the winter, and brought back out in the spring. They are now as large as a #3 washtub.


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