March 17, 2009

Newly Discovered Feature of Gimp 2.0

So you might have noticed that I changed out my banner for today (and background but that's a whole other story). When I was making the banner last night, I discovered a very cool feature in Gimp that wasn't there before. It's now possible to use a copied image as a brush!

Make a selection of whatever you'd like to use (e.g., a marigold blossom) and copy that selection. Click on pencil or brush and the copied image should show up in your tool options/brush selection. You can scale it in the tool options too which has been fantastically helpful.

This little tool made it immensely easy to layer the blossoms in my banner without copy-pasting every single one or making a gimp brush special for a one-time project. I love when I discover these shortcuts.

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