March 17, 2009

A Not-So-Angry St. Patrick's Day to You and Yours!

I'm hoping everyone is having a lovely St. Patrick's Day, and to get in the spirit, I made a special St. Patty's planter.

Necessary items:
  • Irish-inspired tin (product made in Ireland or a nice kitschy leprechaun/ shamrock/ whatever tin)
  • Electric drill or manual-style awl
  • Plants with white flowers
  • Plants with orange flowers
  • Mesh
  • Potting soil
I used an old Bailey's Irish Cream tin, orange zinnias, and white petunias. The tin has all the colors of the Irish flag, and the plants do, too, with green foliage and orange and white blossoms. I just drilled a few holes in the bottom of the tin, laid down some mesh to prevent all the soil from rushing out while still allowing water to move, and potted up the plants.

Total cost: ~$3.50

The bonus is that the petunias will cascade over the sides and cover the Bailey's logo making it an everyday planter after today. Huzzah!


  1. It looks so fun! You should have tried to sell a few. I def would have bought one.

  2. Adam - Maybe I'll set up a flower stand for Easter in my front yard... I found some adorable metal tins at Target yesterday with Peter Rabbit images on them. I bought up and figured they would make cute planters. Plus I love metal containers of any sort.

  3. If I lived close by I would be one of your customers!

  4. What a really great idea. I'm sure people would buy them! I like how it looks sitting on the chair too.

  5. Very cool! what a great idea.

  6. gardenerprogress/Catherine and Adam - You guys! You're just encouraging bad behavior... I wonder if I could arrange a neighborhood plant sale so I don't look like a total freak sitting outside by myself with some plants. That sounds like fun!

    Cathy - Cheers!

  7. A "Neighborhood Block Party Plant Sale" is a very good idea. People could set up a table in their front yard and people could just go from one table to the other. Kids could also sell lemonade / cookies etc. I think it is a wonderful idea / would allow for people to meet and greet with their neighbors / exchange garden ideas / and make a little money too. (Can you tell I'm a program and event planner? haha)

  8. You could even call it a "Yard" Sale! hahaha Love it.

  9. Adam - Ooooh, you're bad. It's so tempting. I think I'll run the idea by my neighbor who trades plants with me. If she's into it, I'll pass around flyers to the rest.

  10. Let me know what you decide. I LOVE the idea!


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