March 16, 2009

Unknown Houseplant Known!

Earlier, I posted about a houseplant I bought and didn't know what it was. Well, I suspect it's a strawberry begonia which makes perfect sense with the strawberry-like runners I'd noted before. What made me especially happy is that it isn't a sensitive houseplant! I can keep it outside! There are reports of it being cold hardy to zone 6A, and I'm in zone 8B. Huzzah! I just need to tell my neighbor because I gave her a few of the babies. That should make her happy. I was in the green house at Natural Gardener, saw a twin of my plant, and checked their label. Thank goodness for great nurseries that label their plants. Phew.


  1. And a happy St. Patrick's Day to you too.

    Isn't it frustrating to see a plant that intrigues you but there is no label? Your new plant sounds lovely.

  2. Strawberry begonias have a great bloom on a tall slender spire. When you have a mass planting of them the blooms really stand out. It is a nice groundcover. Great detective work!

  3. Janet - Thanks! It was actually by accident. I was just trolling along as I do and BAM! GOTCHA! It was the same occasion that I bought my club foot madagascar palm. I hear the strawberry begonia has great blooms which is why it's going to stay outside permanently unless something tragic happens. I'm worried I didn't give it enough cold inside my house though. Here's hoping it blooms anyway.

    Grace - Endlessly frustrating to see a cool plant and have no idea what it is. Maybe I should make it a point to only buy labeled plants - that should cut down on the purchases somewhat.


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