August 2, 2011

Plumeria Diversity

To follow up on my Plumeria Love post, I'm showing off the other plumeria in bloom.  This is the one that my SO came hopping into the backyard after discovering it at Home Depot during an evening trip for whatever odds and ends we were needing.  He was actually a little disappointed that I knew what it was right away.  Of course, there was no label on it, so I don't have a name.  If I were to name it, I'd call it Mango Melba because of the fragrance and color of the blooms.

There's white, yellow, and red in the bloom, and the fragrance reminds me of mangoes.  The blooms on this one don't last as long as the other one featured in the Plumeria Love post, but that might have something to do with the fragrance and its allure.


  1. Absolutely lovely! I wish Home Depot up here carried Plumerias so I could just pick one up one of these days... :)

  2. It's heavenly! Have never seen them for sale here.. Certainly not hardy in zone 7, tho. I think it might be worth doing something to keep it alive over the winter

  3. I must go check out the Home Depot again. Have not seen anything remotely as nice as a plumeria at the stores in FW earlier this season.


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