July 7, 2011




Rain Lily



  1. Have not seen a white bougainvillea in person. Very pretty. Love the Daturas. The seed pods they make I think are so interesting.
    Going to play around with the manual mode today. Will have to keep you posted how it goes..... as I move through your "manual" =)

  2. I love white blooms and they can be difficult to capture...you did a lovely job.

  3. I love white blooms in the garden. They just look so delicate. The hibiscus is beautiful.

  4. Your white blooms are lovely. That hibiscus is gorgeous with the deep red accent.

  5. I don't have a white bougainvilla, but after seeing yours, I am now on the hunt! They're all lovely, so clean looking. I'm not sure if you see when I comment back on my own post, but in case you don't...thanks for correcting the name, I'm not sure how I added the "s". It must have been in my excitement from the whole visit!

  6. Ditto on Lona's comment. White is my favorite to work with in the garden.

  7. I'm so glad everyone likes the white blooms!

    Re: White Bougainvillea
    This one used to be hot pink! It's slowly turned more and more white to where it is now. I'm not sure if it's reversion or a virus or what, but it seems happy enough. It's just a bit of a freak in my garden.

    kacky - Let me know how you're doing! :)

    Cat - Wow! Thanks!

    Lona and GWGT - I'm glad you both like white so much. The hibiscus is plaguing me, and I'm still after the perfect shot of the bloom.

    HolleyGarden - It really is a pretty hibiscus, and it's blooming like crazy!

    Mandy - Spicewood Spines is certainly awesome enough to rattle your thoughts a bit. :P


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