July 4, 2011

Pizza Oven Update

We've been working on the pizza oven for a few months now, and while it's not finished, I thought I'd share what it looks like and how it's doing.

The final coats of stucco are on, but we still have to paint to make it look more like a fire-breathing, bug-eyed goldfish.  Last night we fired it up for some baking...

Fire JUST lit.

Fire is spreading.

Fire starting to take off...

That's the sizzle!


Wood breaking down and getting pushed back a bit.

Lovely embers forming.

Pizza oven walls turning "white hot" - you can see the soot being burned off.

This puppy gets hot!

Pizza and naan!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. wow! whatta fire! pizza looks great! enjoy.

  2. Impressive. How does the pizza go in? Does a pizza stone (or like) just sit on the embers? do you have a grate to put in? I'm curious, as I'd love, some day, to have such an oven!

  3. Oh my, very cool. Would love to have an oven to make some naan in! Bet it tastes great too.

  4. webb - Thanks! It was tasty, too!

    Tufa - I'll definitely be posting more on the pizza oven!

    The Younger Rachael - Thanks! Just as a bit of explanation, the embers, ash, and wood get pushed to the sides and back of the oven, and then the pizza goes straight onto the floor of the oven which is composed of fire bricks. My husband has done a lot of his research on making these at the Forno Bravo forums: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/ Hope it helps!

    Randy - Thanks! The naan was amazingly good. The last time we made naan was in a conventional oven, and it came out like a cracker. Blech.

  5. I am impressed!!! What a cool oven, and such fun to boot!!! I will be looking forward to more of your creations using it!!

  6. Wow, that is impressive. When technology seems to be so advanced, we tend to go back to basics, and that one looks so good! I can even smell here the pizza smoke. I am sure Randy above will make one for himself as he is very good in DIY things, aside from bees, haha!

  7. Julie - Thanks! I'll be sure to share! Baking in it might become a weekly thing because it cuts down on the heat inside the house.

    Andrea - Cheers! The basics can be quite gratifying. :)

  8. That looks great! The pizza looks yummy too.


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