July 13, 2011

A little birdie gave me sumpin'

Hannah over at embroidery for ducks gave me this pretty piece of art.  Yay for surprise gifts!

Wouldn't this pattern make a gorgeous set of hand towels?

...just sayin'...

...in case anyone's reading this...

...you know who you are...


  1. I looked at Hannah's link and saw the progression of your gift. Quite remarkable handwork. I wished I sat still long enough.

    BTW- thank you for your photography input. I really value your knowledge as your photos are quality - something for me to achieve.

  2. Racquel and Plowing Through Life - Thanks! I think it's cute too. :3

    Tufa Girl - I don't know how she can do it. It would drive me crazy. I could maybe do cross-stitch on peg board... And you're welcome on the recommendation of GIMP. I've been using it since 2003, and it's become easier and easier to use with all the updates over the years.


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