July 14, 2011

Plant Review: Daylily 'Challenger'

I bought 'Challenger' from Plant Delights Nursery last year with the hopes of having a daylily as tall as I am.  Unfortunately, it's topped off at around 3' both times I've seen it bloom, and while 3' is impressive for a daylily in my yard, it ain't 5-6'.

For scale, the stock tank is 2' tall.

The camera was pretty much touching the ground here.

I'm quite disappointed, but perhaps I'm not the only one seeing as Plant Delights no longer offers this one.  It didn't hit the height I was hoping for, and while the bloom is all right, it's not exactly the right color for where it is.

I'll probably move it and hope that maybe one year it'll get spectacularly tall.

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