July 25, 2011

Leek and Fennel Blooms

Last October I planted leeks and fennel, and it's pretty obvious that I didn't harvest things when I was supposed to.  Neither plant go particularly big, so it's probably just as well that I let them go to seed and try again in the fall.

Leeks have pretty white puff-ball blooms similar to onions which is unsurprising since both are in the allium family.

Fennel have yellow blooms which remind me of Queen Anne's Lace.

I think the two of them contrast nicely with each other, and I have a hunch that a field of these would be absolutely divine as far as color and texture go.  It wouldn't hurt to throw in some purple though.


  1. I can look at those fennel blooms all day long...there is something special about them ;)

  2. I love the leek photo I grew some myself

  3. oh yea...purple would be perfect!!!

  4. Be careful with the fennel it can be invasive. The Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR is full of escaped fennel. We grow it for the Black Swallowtail butterflies and the gravel driveway is full of it.

  5. I especially like the plants grown for cooking and eating and often let them bolt to flower. The insects love them, but even better, so do I. They are so delicate and make a pretty addition to a garden, but like Randy Emmitt says they seed them selves all over the place.

  6. Cat - This is my first time seeing fennel in bloom, and I agree - they are quite entrancing.

    rzashida - Thank you! I really like the bloom.

    Julie - I know, right? Purple, yellow, and white. It's such a great color combination. Maybe some statis?

    Randy and GWGT - I would be slightly surprised to see fennel growing wild around these parts with how little rain we get, but I fully intend to collect seed. However, I wouldn't be entirely surprised to find some volunteers in a few areas of the garden, so thanks for the heads up!


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