December 27, 2010

A List of Things I've Forgotten to Mention

My ankle is looking and feeling a whole lot better.  The edema is nearly gone for the first time in years.

I saw a man cycling down Barton Springs, a major city road, with a cat on his shoulders.  I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, but it was definitely something.

I bought some very small poinsettias yesterday for $0.25/each.

I found a pink scarf with white skulls to go with my pink skull boots in Tennessee.

Both of my entries in the Humana Contest at Instructables made it to finalist, but the contest is still in judging phase.

My mother sent me a small bottle of Schroeders Boonekamp from her recent trip to Germany.  I still haven't finished the last small bottle I received when my sister went to Germany.  If you don't know what it is, you might be lucky.  It's a very herbally, licorice-flavored liqueur that you drink after a heavy meal, or you serve it to people as a form of friendly torture.

My red shrimp plants (Justicia brandegeana) are still blooming.  I have no idea where the yellow one disappeared to, but I haven't seen it in months.

I took this photo on my desk using a tripod and the timer, and I corrected for the incandescent light in GIMP.  Meh.

My husband helped a stranded couple get their car started.  They were very grateful, so I suppose having a crappy vehicle for years paid off in another way - he knew how to get it going after they had apparently tried and failed before asking us for help.


  1. Meg kept a small poinsettia from last season. Looked like #$^%^ this season, good luck with them. Glad your doing better!

    Gimp did a pretty good job on that image! Just been playing with Photoshop CS5 and love it. At least I know my way around a bit having a Windows version Photoshop CS.

  2. What a thoughtful husband you have. That is the spirit of the season.

  3. My husband works near 5th and Lamar - every day there is a cyclist that rides by his office in a thong! Kind of a Leslie thing on wheels! We've seen the same guy out here by the lake...he gets around!


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