December 20, 2010

Cactus Monday: Senecio deflersii (aka "Mr. Pickle")

Originating in Yemen, Senecio deflersii ("Mr. Pickle" or "Pickle Plant") has found its way to Spicewood Spines in Spicewood, TX and from there to my home on Saturday.  This curious plant is known for its "bloated" stem which most definitely resembles a cucumber.  Although it had most definitely piqued my curiosity, I'd managed to pass this plant up the past couple of times I visited the nursery, but I had to have it after seeing the blooms.  I even got it at a fabulous price for such an unusual plant.  It was only $10.50!  I have to say that this nursery is a hidden treasure, and I will be doing a blog post on the place in the near future.

The blooms look like dandelion blooms, and even the seeds look like dandelion seeds!  The contrast between the smooth green stem and the abrupt explosion of flowers is absolutely startling and magnificent.

And it appears to be sending out more buds.

The branching on the blooms is particularly interesting with its tentacle-y arms drooping slightly from the weight of the flower.

Here's hoping I don't kill it.  I think I may not water this one at all during the winter unless I see the trunk shrink.  It's so pretty.  I don't want to turn it into disgusting mush for the compost pile.

Happy Cactus Monday!

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  1. Very interesting! Not on my "life list" at all!

  2. What a fun and different cactus.

  3. I absolutley must have one of these guys!

  4. A very strange plant indeed.

  5. What a fabulous find!!! I had heard of Spicewood, and it's amazing succulents...maybe I need to check it out online!!! Good watering plan you have for it.

  6. OMG!!! This is different and so wonderful! WOW what a find!!



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