November 8, 2010

Zombie Roses and Undead Sphagnum Moss

A couple weeks ago, I got a dozen roses, and dutifully I threw them on the compost pile when they had lost their luster...

Ok, I lie.  I threw them on the compost pile when they were completely crispy and creating a big leaf and petal mess on the dresser.  It, also, coincidentally happened on the same day that I got a fresh bunch of flowers.

Ok, that's a lie as well.  Before I threw them on the compost pile, I noticed that a couple stems had fresh new leaf growth, so I trimmed those two stems, dipped them in some rooting hormone, and put them in a fresh glass of water.

The new leaves are incredibly pale which sorta adds to the zombie factor in my opinion. 

I know they're pale from being inside a dark bedroom, but meh...  that's boring to say.

A couple weeks ago, when I got the roses, I noticed that the sphagnum moss, in which I'd recently potted some nepenthes cuttings, had started to turn green, and today it's even more green.  If it was a corpse, that would make sense, but this was dried and bagged sphagnum!


I've heard of such things happening on carnivorous plant forums, and I'm quite excited because it could potentially mean a self-renewing potting mix for my nepenthes.  Of course, it could just mean the chlorophyll is rehydrating, but I think it should have turned green much sooner if that was the case and not continue to get greener and greener, right?

Zombies surround us everywhere.  There's no escaping.

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