November 10, 2010

Christmas Tree Arrivals = Plant Sales

I went to Lowe's today and noticed they were making room for all their Christmas stock (e.g., cut trees, living trees, and topiary) which translated into an awesome plant sale on all their current plant stock!  Trees, palms, and shrubs were 50% off.  All other plants were 20% off.  Best of all, the sale (aka rehab) plants were an additional 50% off.  There were a lot of Majesty Palms for $3.75 after all the discounts, and there were some hibiscus, curcumas, lilies, hostas, etc. for pretty darn cheap.  I managed to walk away with only a 2 gallon desert rose for $2.50.

It's seen better days.  There's some obvious spider mite damage and loads of weeds:

However, this little plant is showing some definite promise with some fresh new buds:

So I sprayed it down with an organic fungicide and insecticide combo and will start prepping it for overwintering soon.  I might donate it to The Garden Club of Austin next year for their annual show and sale, but maybe I'll keep it for myself.  Bwahahahaha!

If you are in the Austin area, the Lowe's I went to is on Brodie Ln, and they're having the sale through Sunday.  I also noticed some nice Kangaroo Paw ferns in hanging baskets for ~$8.20 after discounts.

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  1. We bought a Charlie Brown crab apple at Lowe's nearly 10 years ago. Now it makes me thousands of hard little inedible fruits every year. What more could a girl want. Not familiar with desert rose, but it looks pretty.


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