October 23, 2010

Toppled Canna

Today a canna stalk toppled over even though it wasn't THAT windy.  I'm not sure the variety.  I think I bought it at Lowe's on sale, and of course, there wasn't a tag other than "CANNA" which is soooo helpful.  Anyway, I think one of the prettiest parts of a canna are the seed pods.  If you strip away the blooms, the seed pods are gorgeous.  They have a tropical, surreal beauty, and I like to incorporate them into floral arrangements because they're free to me and go well with most flowers.

The other day my neighbor discovered that my Wyoming cannas are spreading into her yard, which is funny because I put up a barrier scared of their grass coming into my beds.  She's quite excited and started watering them to lure them further into her yard.  It's free plants for her, right?  I'm just glad she isn't upset about it.  There might be people who aren't excited about cannas tripping into their lawns.

Perhaps I should worry about the cannas taking over...  or not.


  1. I gave up on trying to grow cannas. Japanese beetles ate them apart so bad it was useless. Not have any number of those beetles here in years.

  2. I love cannas, alto they are marginal here. I do have one family tho that prospers and spreads - altho not yet into neighboring yards. Your neighbor is very lucky to get them!


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