October 22, 2010

Stock Tank Annual Planting 2010

My bulbs have arrived which means it's time to remove the coleus which are bolting anyway or just about to bolt.  Along with the coleus, it's time to harvest the variegated basil and remove the moss rose.  All the plants have done amazingly well, and the banana tree has recovered from the state I purchased it in - it was loose and drooping in the pot.  At $8, I bought it anyway, and it will remain in the tank despite how ugly it will look during the winter.  To cover the bulbs (and hopefully hide the soon-to-be banana stump), I'm going to plant cool season vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts, and leeks.  I have the starts in temp pots for now.

I also need to switch out the aperture disk in the lensbaby...  ugh.


  1. This sure is a gorgeous pot!!! I have got to get going with my winter vegies too...I am thinking of some brocolli, and carrots. Not much...just some fun things to share with the grandkids!

  2. This is the first I have been to your blog. It is very well done, written and entertaining. Like you, I do a lot of graphics. I spent time going through your older posts. I am impressed.

  3. Julie - I don't think you can beat broccoli and carrots! Except if you added some peas...

    GardenWalkGardenTalk - Wow! Thank you very much!

  4. Such energy. My garden has not been calling to me until yesterday. I bought plants for the first time in months and am looking forward to digging this afternoon - again for the first time in months. I think that's a good sign.

    10 years ago we bought a crab apple tree for $7.50. for several years we called it Charlie Brown's tree, but time and sun do wonders and now it's lovely, and dropping fruit everywhere. I hope your Charlie Brown banana will do likewise!


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