October 20, 2010

Playing with the Lensbaby

My SO gave me a Lensbaby for my birthday, early...  or rather there was no way he was keeping it from me till November 4.  It came in the mail, and it was MINE!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAH!!


I'm still playing with it, but I wanted to share a few shots:

Maximilian Sunflower (fisheye)

Maximilian Sunflower (macro lenses +4 and +10)

Little Miss Bacon (fisheye)
I've never had anything as cool as this.  I know the photography isn't great, but I'm riding an infatuation wave!


  1. What a great birthday gift...early too!!

  2. I think he got it for me cos I've been begging for a year now. It's such a cool lens!

  3. And won't it be fun to learn to use! Happy b-day!

  4. Oh wow...how cool is this??? I wish I had a neat camera that could take different lenses! I just got a new job today, so maybe I can get one soon!!!!! Congrats on yours...and I love the chi chi baby!!!!

  5. Julie - Thanks! I've never had a nice point-and-shoot, and I wish I did.


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