October 18, 2010

New Town Lake Animal Center Rules

There are a lot of dogs that get out of their yards around here, and if I can, I try to catch them so they don't get hurt.  Unfortunately, most don't have tags, which means I can't find the owner, and I have dogs at home that would pick a fight.  Plus I don't know how many of these dogs have had their vaccinations for things like kennel cough.

Today I managed to get a hold of a very cute Brittany Spaniel who was obviously lost and didn't know how to get back home.  She didn't have any tags but was obviously loved by someone, so I had to take her to Town Lake Animal Center for her owners to find her.  If my dogs got lost, I would be VERY grateful for someone to do the same for them because the shelter would be one of the first places I'd look.

I got there and discovered that they now only accept dogs during normal business hours, but I got there about 10 minutes late.  It would have been illegal (and unethical) to release her back onto the streets.  It wouldn't have been feasible for me to keep her overnight.  She didn't have tags.  It was dark by that point.  There were still people inside adopting dogs, so I busted into that part and asked for her to be received as a stray.  I managed to get her into the shelter but just barely - they grudgingly accepted her.  She deserved to be a safe place for the night.

Lesson of the Day:  Only catch strays during normal business hours.  Let the rest get hit by cars during the night.

AWESOME POLICY CHANGE!  Thanks for making TLAC "no kill"!


  1. Typical bureaucracy! Good job you did, tho.

  2. Julie - I know, right?! It was a rude discovery when I arrived there.

    webb - Thanks!


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