October 29, 2010

Gigantor Update (and still didn't get close to updating on everything, bah!)

I haven't been updating much on my plants and recent acquisitions (from one source or another), and it's about time for a monstrous update. 

As a continuation from yesterday, here are a couple more pics of the Watermelon Peperomia:

And here are a few annuals that I purchased last night:

And here are a couple more from last night:

Tillandsia fasciculata hybrid

Tillandsia fasciculata hybrid
Nepenthes coccinea 'Alata Pitcher Plant'
And speaking of tillandsias, here's one of the pumpkin ones I purchased at HEB that fell out of its pumpkin and I placed inside a small bonsai pot:

How about a few ferns?

Astral Gem Fern that I got at a meeting of The Garden Club of Austin

Crested Bear Paw Fern from The Garden Club of Austin annual sale

Suzi Wong Fern purchased at The Natural Gardener

Three Southern Wood Ferns purchased at LBJ Wildflower Center Fall Sale

Wavy Cloak Fern purchased at LBJ Wildflower Center Spring Sale
Freshly planted stock tank for the fall/winter:

Pansies, violas, snapdragons, kale, leeks, petunias, fennel, and that stupid banana tree
Brussel Sprouts and ornamentals in the tall blue pots in front of the garage:

Artichoke and Sorrel:

Coleus Cuttings for Overwintering:

A couple of Rex Begonias purchased from the Begonia Society tabled during the Garden Club of Austin Annual Plant Show and Sale:

Succulents purchased or won through the raffle at The Cactus and Succulent Society of Austin fall sale:

Hydnophytum mosyleanum
Hydnophytum mosyleanum caudex

Pink Blush Aloe

Euphorbia venenifica

Avonia buderiana

Unknown Dorstenia
Unknown Venus Fly Trap from Home Depot (the algae seems quite happy in the cup):

A cyclamen from Lowe's - I just adore the frilly pink petals:

A worm I found crawling on my variegated satsuma:

My variegated satsuma:

A bed of Pequin Chili and Shrimp Plants:

Old Man of the Andes amongst some blackberry branches:

My bougainvillea that just decided to bloom:

A new Shrimp Plant called 'Summer Sun' purchased at The Natural Gardener:

A few assorted succulents:

Cereus monstrosa

Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa "inermis"

Haworthia coarctata v. tenuis

Agave titanota

Sansevieria triasciata

Opuntia leptocaulis

Aloes along a rock border on the east side of the house

Euphorbia cylindrifolia

 A couple plants in hanging pots:

Inch Plant


Abyssinian Gladiola

Bulb Bed with mostly gladiolas and cannas in view
A couple of "daisies":

Black Foot Daisy

Bush Daisy
Near the front window:

Lantanas, Sage 'Green Cloud', and Buddha Belly Plant mostly in view
Blooms and Seeds on the Buddha Belly Plant:

Wayward Mediterranean Cypresses on the West Side of the house:

A couple of plumerias that decided not to bloom this year:

Ripe tuna on the Wavy Prickly Pear:

Assorted "house plants":

Moonlight Philodendron and strawberry begonia

Unknown peperomia

Unknown Philodendron in need of fertilizer and shade

Both are lowland nepenthes

A couple plants from Plant Delights Nursery:

Mr Ripple Agave

Alocassia "Yellow Tails"

A few more succulents:

Spanish Dagger Yucca

Crown of Thorns


Roadkill Cactus starts for next year's Garden Club of Austin sale

Panda Ears?

Assorted Aloes and some hidden haworthia

'Maggie' Rose looking sad because the datura was pushing on it all summer:

Silver and Gold Chrysanthemum starting to bud:

A naughty caterpillar on a Firecracker Plant:

A few currently homeless plants from the LBJ Wildflower Center Fall Sale:

My very, very sad back yard:

All of these photos were taken today, and it took me about 4 hours to create this post.  Phew!!

Some people go on vacation.  I buy plants.


  1. Good grief, Red. Don't you realize that those of us in the rest of the world are winding down our garden year and putting things to sleep, while you are gearing up for a warm winter season? Don't know whether to be relieved that I don't have to plant another round just yet, or sad that it's deadheading season. Will let you know tomorrow after I've spent a bunch of hours in clean up! Happy weekend.

  2. WOW! What a ton of gorgeous plants! I am looking up your "unknown Euphorbia" now to see if I can ID it for you. Any plans for your backyard? I am surprised it is not a solid jungle out there!!! LOL. It has been way too hot down here all summer to do anything, but the days have been so nice lately. Thank God. I have been noticing all of a sudden all of the bougainvilleas here are popping into full bloom! Gorgeous!!! Yours is a very pale shade...is it white or a light pink? Very sweet!
    Take care...and thanks for taking the time to show us all your beauties!

  3. Oh, BTW...I have not located your Ephorbia yet. Sorry. May be able to look more tomorrow afternoon too...:)

  4. Hey...I may have found it...look HEREand see what you think?????

  5. webb - I know, I know. A lot of these plants will get zapped with the first frost, or they're going to overwinter in the house/garage. It's not all bedding plants, and many of them I obtained weeks/months ago.

    Julie - Thanks! The bougainvillea WAS pink, but it's been slowly turning white - now it's all white. Reversion? Virus? I'm not sure. And I agree with you on the weather. It's only become good gardening weather in the past 2-3 weeks IMO. The plant you found isn't it. I thought it was a Euphorbia, but looking around my plant tags, it's some kind of Dorstenia. It's actually in bloom, but the bloom isn't much to speak of. I'm not sure of the species or variety or whatever else.

  6. I go on vacations to buy plants! I'm a little late in catching up on your posts and I'm sorry I missed this one! If you're ever in florida be sure to check out the native tillandsia fascicularia colonies all over south florida, especially in the swamps like big cypress... stunning when in bloom! I had one but it died of that dreaded vase rot. Blah. By the way, what kind of cholla is that? It looks just like the ones that I started from seed!


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