August 10, 2010

New Sewing Project: Ribbon Charm Choker

I haven't posted in a while.  I was in Tennessee for a couple weeks, and pretty much the week before and the week after is spent on prep and recovery.  :-P

However, I was able to recreate and photograph one of my latest projects just in time for a sewing contest on Instructables.  Of course I'm a gardener at heart, so I did the main intro photos out in my front garden which is growing faster each day despite the heat and lack of rain.  Yay for mostly natives!!  The datura is quite spectacular, and I'll have to post some pictures of it soon.

Anyway, you can find the how-to for my Ribbon Charm Choker here.

I hope you like it!!

And many thanks to my beautiful friend for modeling.  She was quite the trooper!


  1. pretty! Both the choker and the model! :) Wondered where you had disappeared off to!! Glad you are back home safely!

  2. Your friend is mega hot. Raawrr!


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