June 26, 2009

Name the Beer

My SO and I are homebrewing for the wedding, and I've just printed off the labels. We've been using the name "Freudian Sip Brewery" with an ink blot for the background which leaves lots of fun possibilities for names.

Here's the names of what we're bringing (so far):
  • Your Own Personal Helles
  • Dunkel for Dumkauf
  • Potophobic Pilsner
  • Forever Jung Lager
  • Gamophobic White Wine


  1. I love Forever Jung Lager - hilarious but not so out there that old people won't get it - LOL

    How awesome that you are homebrewing!

  2. LOL! Thanks, ladies. Forever Jung Lager is my fave too.

    Ginger - It's actually my SO who's the homebrewer. I'm the tester. :-P

  3. Make that a third vote for Forever Jung Lager! Homebrewing, how cool - all we had was a special margarita (but OH, what a margarita - homemade from scratch, with all natural ingredients). So are you getting giddy yet? :D

  4. Caroline - Yay!

    I don't think I'm getting giddy as I'm drenched in sweat from cleaning out the car and packing. It'll be around 106F today, so I'm pushing to get a lot of the loading done asap. Maybe I'll get giddy in a week or so. :-P

  5. Forever Jung, for sure;-) I'm a Psychology major and can relate!


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