June 23, 2009

The Final Stretch

I'm leaving Saturday to go to TN for final preparations. The house is a wreck. Everything I need to scattered everywhere. My car is a mess. My meeting today was a bit frustrating. The outfit I constructed for the BBQ is a bit too Lolita-ish so now I'm worried about the ceremony outfit. I might need to tone down the "fabulous" factor. I feel like my ballroom dancing isn't going well enough. I don't think I'll be ready to go Saturday morning. It isn't all falling apart or anything, but it's not going to be done the way I wanted it to be, specifically leaving a clean house.


  1. House can be cleaned later, after all you are getting married. Congratulations and best wishes, I do hope all will go your way.

  2. Why not call up your friends and ask for some help with the house ? I really hope it all goes to plan. Congratulations and lots of happiness for the future. x

  3. Definitely do not tone down the fabulous factor- be your superfab self! Here's hoping your final preparations fall magically into place and you have a wonderful day! (Hint to any friends or family reading this: maid services and car detailing make great wedding presents...) Best wishes!


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