April 27, 2009

Weeds to Leave

A few weeks ago, I was reading on Steph's Green Space her love of dollarweed, and I laughed because I have loads of this stuff growing everywhere in my front and side gardens. It's one that's hard to control because it sends out runners of roots that are very fragile and hard to follow back to the source. I tried pulling them out when I first noticed them, but since then, I've given up. As far as weeds go, this one is very polite. It'll stay low to the ground and won't bully other plants.

Then at the native plant sale at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, I noted they were selling hanging baskets of the stuff, and I wondered who in Central Texas would buy it. If they buy it, I want names and addresses so I can market some of the other stuff that grows wildly in my yard, but then again, I've actually purchased purple heart, prickly pear, and other stuff that's growing in abundance and easy to propagate. Who am I to judge? Dollarweed is at least a native of the US.

As far as weeds go, the ones I hate the most are mimosas, bermuda grass, and bamboo - all plants that were imported from Asia or Africa. They are hard to control, especially if you have neighbors growing the stuff, and the nature of the plant is just terrible.

I've noticed that


  1. I love horseherb! Lots of people furiously yank it out of their lawns, but it's our predominant groundcover.

    It's a native groundcover, handles sun and shade, handles foot traffic, handles being mowed but never gets tall enough to really need it, and doesn't need much water. What's not to like?

  2. Well.... I've got a bunch of tiny ground clover, the kind that loves elbowing the lawn, between stepping stones, competing with the Scotch moss. I'm thinking of just leaving it--the clover. It's like, why keep trying to eradicate what loves to grow in this spot and keep babying what hates to grow in this spot? Seems a bit neurotic. :)

  3. I have so much of the wild strawberries and
    creeping charlies growing in such abundance I give up in trying to control them.

  4. Hey! Somebody is talking about me and my Dollarweed ha ha ha... and yes, it would not bully other plants :-)

    I like Purple Heart plant. I saw a number of gardens here have this purple plant. The plant is so atractive and make a good contrast with other green foliage and flowers. Good choice! Now I am begining to learn more and more plants that are from your part of the world that can be grown here as well. We have very warm and humid weather here, but I guess wild plants are highly adaptable plants, hence strive well in any condition.

    Recently I learnt of Joyweed that has deep purple leaves too and can be a good accent plant. Happy gardening weeds everyone :-)

  5. Dollarweed and clover don't bother me at all. In fact, I think they're kind of cute. The only weed I have a problem with is spiderwort. The roots are literally 6+ feet long where I live!!

  6. Purslane! It is an edible weed - it is supposed to be higher in omegas than any other green plant.

  7. Have you ever seen a weed called Miner's Lettuce? I am sure this is not the official name but it is what we call it around here, LOL. I just love this plant and don't have the heart to pull it up.

  8. I am now friends with the mighty Dandelion. Not that I was ever an enemy, I just kind of ignored it. Now that I know the tremendous benefits of the plant, I intend to grow it. Hopefully my neighbors won't show up in mob form wielding pitch forks and torches!


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