April 26, 2009

Gardening by the Yard - Canceled

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Wow. WOW! By favorite show is being canceled. There are VERY few shows that I record, and 3 are gardening shows: Central Texas Gardener (PBS/KLRU), A Gardener's Diary (HGTV), and Gardening by the Yard (HGTV). My favorite is Gardening by the Yard BY FAR!! Paul James is an icon. He has a great presence, and he knows his shit. The show is entertaining and helpful which is a far cry from most HGTV shows. Still, HGTV, in all its wisdom, has seen fit to cancel the show.

The overwhelming majority of programs on HGTV act more like infomercials for products (e.g., "I Want That") or could be replaced entirely with a slideshow of before's and after's (e.g., "Curb Appeal") which should NOT constitute television. Many more of the shows are so painfully simplistic or basic that they lack any value (e.g., "The Top Ten Things You Should Know About..." aka "Stuff You Already Know Because You Aren't a Complete Incompetent").

This is frustrating. I LOVE television. Love it! I love my gardening shows and wish there were more of them and more gardening programs in general.

If HGTV really drops Paul James, I hope PBS picks his show up and drops P. Allen Smith. P. Allen Smith is more in the realm of HGTV/Fine Living Network anyway.

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  1. I have never seen the show--Basic Cable here. But I know what you mean about the serious lack of good gardening shows. We lost a local show here a few years ago. I was pretty devastated. I was alerted recently to a new local show. I watched once and found it elementary to the point of boring. A good show for beginner gardeners but not those who are experienced.

    I would love it if PBS picked up Gardening By the Yard. I think The Victory Garden shows are all reruns so they could fill its spot.

    We'll see what happens.

  2. It's so frustrating. I posted a rant about HGTV just a few days ago. Who the heck is watching all of these real-estate shows anyway? I can't think of anything more boring than watching a couple of home buyers talk about how they hate wall color.

  3. Oh My Gosh... I watch him on the weekends!!! Dang, I liked his show.

  4. He was about the only gardening show left on the weekend morning. I'm so tired of the shows on HGTV now, I barely watch it anymore. I do hope another channel picks up his show.

  5. I let any and every weed grow in what grass/lawn spaces I have. As long as it's green, it's fine by me. And what's wrong with a few clover flowers mixed in?
    I also often fine "ground covers" for sale at various local nurseries and laugh since they are - literally - growing like weeds in my lawn.
    (I totally agree with your comment about P. Allen Smith, btw. That show annoys me.)

  6. How can this be true... Paul would have said something so we would have a heads up... who decides this stuff anyway? HGTV is supposed to be about home and garden... where is the home and garden??? Please bring Paul back we all love and need his advice... What has happened to your channel?

  7. Paul was one of my influences to take up gardening seriously and become a "Master Gardener" volunteer in my county. I love gardening and Paul encouraged me to become an even better gardener and student of plants and plant conditions. I am very disappointed that Gardening by the Yard has been canceled. Its repeat shows still come on but on Sunday's at 7:30 AM when I am usually on my way to church.
    HGTV should put the real "G" content back in HGTV or just change their name to HTV. They forget with all that "remodeling" of landscapes that after all the "experts", "designers" and cameras leave the homeowner or apartment dweler has to care and maintane what was planted and who better to help than Paul and the other real garden experts.

    New Jersey

  8. I just started watching it this past year and was sure to record it so I wouldn't miss anything. I'm very disappointed as it was something I really looked forward to. Any other suggestions?

    College Station, TX

  9. New Post: http://notsoangryredhead.blogspot.com/2010/02/gardening-by-yard-canceled-quest-for.html

  10. GBTY and Rebecca's Garden were the only shows worth watching on Sat & Sun morning. I think the new HGTV shows are boring and lame - aka - House Hunters International! HGTV has lost me as a viewer.
    I want to watch something that is entertaining and also helpful for my part of the country....

    Boise, ID

  11. My husband and I are missing Gardening By the Yard, too. I had no idea it had been cancelled! I wish PBS would pick it up, too. He had such a great sense of humor, of as well as a wealth of knowledge.


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