April 9, 2009

New Pads for the Wavy Prickly Pear

On March 19, I posted about buds on the wavy prickly pear living in the hell strip. It turns out that we'll be getting some exciting new growth... and fast! These new pads are growing much faster than I would have thought. They must be very happy!
In other news, here's a bloom on another cactus and it isn't one of those godawful plastic ones that Lowe's and Home Depot glue on:


  1. Is that what they do, I never looked to closely
    at those fake looking blooms on their cactuses.
    Yours looks beautiful and real

  2. A real flower on a cactus, how pretty. I can't believe they glue flowers on!

  3. Hey, this is my first time seeing a new pad growing! TQ for this picture.

  4. Well, I guess you have the Tooth Fairy; and now, the Plastic Flower Fairy. Makes sense to me.

  5. The new growth looks so healthy, you can have new plants from these little shoots. I love Cacti they are so interesting and easy to look after.


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