March 31, 2009

Petunias, My Love/Hate Relationship

For the longest time, I loathed petunias. They were too trashy for lack of a better word. They're always in the nurseries looking flashy and cheap. They were too sexy for my taste.

Now they're growing on me in a big way. They're so bright and colorful and easy to care for. They're incredibly affordable, and they wilt when they need water. Their water hunger is a bit irritating, but I like that they wilt - it makes it easy to tell when they need water unlike ferns and other water-hungry-but-won't-let-you-know plants.

Today at the nursery, I found some amazing petunias.

Just look at this Old Fashioned petunia:
One stem has a lilac fringe and a white throat:

And here's one wanting to stay low to ground and blossom like mad:
Then there are the colors...

From scarlet:

to pale pink:

The single petal isn't enough? How about some doubles!

And who can miss the veining on some of these beauties?
And then there's the softness that's so soothing...So am I going mad or are petunias something I've been sniffing at for no good reason?


  1. I know they are a plant not everyone likes, but I really like them. I think they smell really good and hummingbirds love them. 2 good reasons to be in my yard. Your found lots of pretty ones, I like the lilac and white one.

  2. I love your petunias. They are so Gorgeous!!

  3. I never liked petunias, but now I've seen this post I wonder whether it is a snobbish thing. So you've helped me open my mind. Thank you. The colours are really something. But I think I prefer them in pots than in the garden.

  4. Very pretty, I have the same problem I like them and I don't care for them ? silly me ;O

  5. Yeah. I agree. I used to think of petunias as a "Grandma" flower. Now I love them. So easy to care for and with such flower power. And some have a great scent, too. I found some old fashioned vining petunias that look great in baskets and have a wonderful aroma.

  6. Nice petunias! I am reminded of my wedding colours - purple, white and pink :-D


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