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March 23, 2009

Succulents Are Easy!

My sister says that she has a hard time propagating plants, but I am convinced she can propagate succulents. Many succulents are very easy to propagate and frequently propagate themselves! I have dozens of new succulent plants all over the yard just because a leaf broke off, and it started anew!

Here's a leaf that broke away from a graptoveria plant:

That leaf then starts to sprout new leaves within 1-2 weeks:

Next the roots form and the original leaf starts to shrivel as it becomes depleted:

The new plant continues to grow:

After a while, you end up with something like this:


This particular plant is years old, but you will have a definite plant within a few months that's charming AND resilient! It'll continue to propagate itself, and the young plants make for a great gift or filling in bare spots in the garden.


  1. Very cool! they are one of the easiest plant
    to propagate.

  2. Great pictures. I'm really beginning to appreciate succulents much more. So much color and variety. They live here, but a lot die back quite a bit in the winter.

  3. Great photos and advise for propogating succulents! I love how you showed the progression!

  4. I am a Tulare Kings County (Central Valley CA) Master Gardener much in need of photos for a Propagation Workshop for other Master Gardeners this coming Wed. and for the public Sept. 22, 2012. I am one of the co chairs of the succulent propagation booth. I have a nice 8 inch pot with about 8 little leaves that have shriveled and produced mini plants in their place. I also am taking a cutting of the same plant to show stem propagation and a dish garden with 3 cuttings established. Your photos will be invaluable helping me illustrate the process


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