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June 13, 2013


Recently I made the bold move to paint the front door of our new house pink.  Or to be more specific "Cactus Flower" by Benjamin Moore.  I'm still not too sure of it, so I've been looking to place more pink in the landscape with the goal of color replication and logical repetition.

The plumerias have been helping out as much as they can.  Bless their little hearts.

 This one we planted in the ground after a bare-root winter in the garage, and it has impressed my husband and me tremendously with a total of 6 bloom stalks already and new branches forming.

While this one is not as floriferous as the last one, it is definitely the most pink.

And then there's the bad one that's never bloomed for us, but inspired by the success of the first, we planted it in the ground and desperately hope for blooms this year.

And while I was out taking these pictures, Momo got curious about what was happening and tried to catch a peek.  It was hilarious watching him bob around to get a good line of sight.

June 12, 2013


No idea what this guy is, but then again we only just moved to this house and are getting to know all the particulars of the flora.

At least it makes a pretty picture.

May 16, 2012

Nothing to Report

It's been raining a lot lately (thank goodness), and it's been too soggy to be doing much.  The plants seem to be enjoying it.  Tomatoes are getting bigger.  The coleus is exploding.  Hopefully the recent rain will heal a lot of the destruction from last year's summer, and hopefully this isn't the last of the rain till September.

Here's a portion of my potted succulent collection showing some of the recent purchases and some old favorites:

May 4, 2012

In Full Bloom

Recently, I posted about my Rebutia fulviseta beginning to bloom, and now nearly all the blooms are open for a wild and crazy burst of gorgeous red petals with creamy yellow centers.  It's happened ridiculously quickly, and I've set it out in the sun to hopefully attract some pollinators.

Looking at the cactus, it's hard to imagine it was capable of producing such bright and comparatively large flowers.  Watching this cactus bloom, I can see why people would collect Rebutia and Sulcorebutia cacti seeing as the cactus are slow growers, which means you can have a lot of them in a small space, and the flowers are magnificent.  Hopefully, I won't kill any and will feel confident enough to buy some more.

I, also, like these genuses because the thorns are really interesting as well.  In fact, I bought this one for the thorns alone because it looks positively sadistic!  It is in fact green underneath all the bronze-colored fuzz of evil, and you can see glimpses of green in the pictures.  Masochistic love!  Yay!

May 3, 2012

Stock Tank 2012

This year the stock tank has a definite lime green theme with elephant ear, 'Electric Lime' coleus, and lime green sweet potato vine.  It's still pretty early in the year, so the plants, disregarding the coleus, are pretty small.

I bought all the plants in the tank for $16, I believe, because I already had the sweet potato vine from overwintering.  I bought 18 four inch pots of the coleus at $0.50 each, and I got 4 elephant ear tubers for $7.  The coleus was the bit that worried me as it was beginning to bolt.

Since being planted in the tank, the coleus have cooled their breeches and are enjoying the good life.  I'm guessing they were bolting due to stress and pessimism.  Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that I've been going out pinching the growth to fill in the tank fully with beautiful moundy goodness.

The sweet potato vine is very, very small right now, but it grows ridiculously fast in the tank and will soon create a bib of lime leaves around the front which is part of "the vision" - the colors will go from lime (sweet potato vine) to variegated lime (coleus) to green (elephant ear).

The really strange thing is I don't much like the tropical look, but inevitably my tank looks tropical.  Perhaps it's because tropicals can go from nothing to really big in a growing season?

What annuals are you growing this year?

May 2, 2012

Feeling Angsty

I think I'm hitting the garden overload and becoming increasingly more angsty, so rather than discuss garden stuff, I'm going to share a quote from Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Episode 8 "Justice":

Worf:  I am not concerned with pleasure, Commander, I am a warrior.

Riker:  Even Klingons need love now and then.

Worf:  For what we would consider love, sir, I would need a Klingon woman.

Riker:  What about plain old basic sex? You must have some need for that.

Worf:  Of course, but with the females available to me, sir - Earth females - I must restrain myself too much. They are quite fragile, sir.

Riker:  Worf, if anyone else had said that I'd suspect he was bragging.

Worf:  Bragging, sir?