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May 4, 2012

In Full Bloom

Recently, I posted about my Rebutia fulviseta beginning to bloom, and now nearly all the blooms are open for a wild and crazy burst of gorgeous red petals with creamy yellow centers.  It's happened ridiculously quickly, and I've set it out in the sun to hopefully attract some pollinators.

Looking at the cactus, it's hard to imagine it was capable of producing such bright and comparatively large flowers.  Watching this cactus bloom, I can see why people would collect Rebutia and Sulcorebutia cacti seeing as the cactus are slow growers, which means you can have a lot of them in a small space, and the flowers are magnificent.  Hopefully, I won't kill any and will feel confident enough to buy some more.

I, also, like these genuses because the thorns are really interesting as well.  In fact, I bought this one for the thorns alone because it looks positively sadistic!  It is in fact green underneath all the bronze-colored fuzz of evil, and you can see glimpses of green in the pictures.  Masochistic love!  Yay!


  1. It's lovely. Now you have me trying to figure out where I could make an indoor space for wintering plants.

    1. From what I understand, this is an easy one to overwinter because you put it in a window and don't water it unless it's looking particularly shrunken. This is probably why I like overwintering cactus - they're so much easier than tropicals/houseplants because you water them once a month or not at all.

  2. Looks great. Love that punch of color.

  3. These flowers are definitely like seductive crimson party invitations designed to prove irresistable to any passing insect pollinators. If I were a pollinator, I'm sure I'd be over in a silver flash of my wings. I understand the botanical sado-masochistic fascination. I am fascinated by poisonous plants, but don't grow them because of a desire to preserve grandchildren and dog.


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