March 3, 2012

Blooms of Euphorbia aeruginosa

I got Euphorbia aeruginosa last year at Spicewood Spines, and it's had a good ol' time in the greenhouse this past winter as evidenced by its blooms!

Spectacularly small blooms...

To get a closer look I pulled out my Lensbaby Composer because it's the only lens I have that's capable of taking macro shots because I got those extra bits to go with it.

Here are a couple shots using the macro lens +10 and +4 at F16.

Perhaps it's somewhat hard to tell just how tiny these blooms are.  For reference, check out the first picture - that's a 4" pot.

This euphorbia has performed extremely well for me.  I can't remember what potting soil I used, but it's been chuggin' along, gettin' bigger, gonna take over the world at a mature height of 8"...

Check out some other photos of this plant!


  1. Wow. Really good photos, and I'm pretty impressed with the plant, too.

    1. Thanks! I hope I'm doing some justice to the plant since it really is pretty even without flowers.

  2. Lovely picture of the teeny flowers.


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