June 28, 2011

Tomato Love

A blemished tomato deformed in the shape of a heart.

I think this guy summarizes a lot of how I feel about my garden.  I love gardening but not always my garden.  Occasionally, I get a chance to appreciate imperfection and rekindle a love for my garden despite all the problems it has.  I had to toss a lot of tomatoes because they were badly bitten and rotting on the vine, but I still managed to scrape enough to fill an entire bucket!!

I guess it isn't so bad to lose a few.  Most of these are going to be canned for eatin' later, but our pantry isn't large enough to stock a year's worth of canned tomatoes.  Thankfully (or not), I doubt I'll be able to grow that many.  I think I need to plant a lot more vines next year assuming that tomatoes and I have finally come to a mutual understanding of one another.


  1. Very nice! Out tomatoes almost got eaten by the deer while we were gone for three days. Saved by building a fence.

  2. Just remember that you are weeks ahead of us in the southeast. We have flowers on the vines, but nothing else... yet. so enjoy your fruit!

  3. Love the heart shaped tomato! Too cute. I saw your post on Sharing Natures Garden- I have the Rebel and the guy at Precision Camera told me to switch to manual, I was going to start playing with that today. You think it makes a difference? I have no idea what I am doing. Guess we will see how it turns out!

  4. Randy - Oh noes! I'm glad they were safe!

    webb - It's hard to forget when the highs are in the 100s. :-P

    kacky - Thanks! I think switching to manual has made a huge difference in my photography!


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